My Weekend at 70%

I’m in a weird place. I am feeling around 70% these days, which means that I’m feeling really good (a lot less pain, able to eat a little more, move a little easier) but I’m not yet quite to my normal crossfitting, eating all the vegetables in sight self.

In the past, when I’ve felt 70%, I’ve gone balls to the walls (excuse my language, but it’s the perfect term) and it’s not turned out pretty (it reminds me of a time when I was craving chicken wings during a Crohn’s flare once- I will not go into details, but it didn’t turn out pretty, never again). This time, I’m taking my time to recover and I think (hoping) it’s working in my favor. Or, at least my mom’s because she’s a worrier and knowing I’m not parading myself on the Cleveland streets at 2am makes her feel better.

On a normal weekend, I would be busy. Really busy. If you know me, you know I make plans up the wazoo. Crossfit, brunch, activities, dinners, go, go, go. This Crohn’s episode has really given me the opportunity to take a breath and step away from the craziness my life was and reassess. I think it’s been healthy for me, obviously physically, but mentally as well. With that, my weekend at 70%…

Friday: After work I rushed over to my friend Kate’s (new!!) house and we took a walk around her new neighborhood before heading to my favorite, Book Group! We read: Where’d You Go, Bernadette. I enjoyed the book but I enjoyed the company even more. This was the perfect, perfect, perfect way to spend a Friday evening.


Saturday: I started my day with a free yoga class at House of Blues. A company called Zen Works brings in Yoga instructors from all over Cleveland to teach a complimentary class every Saturday morning. Zen Works is a non-profit with a mission “to provide access to yoga and wellness programming for children and families in under resourced schools and community organizations.” How awesome is that? And, someone brought their baby to the class which made everyone in the class automatically 110% happier.


Killin’ that pose in my red jacket



One of my good friends, Martha, came up from Akron for the afternoon to visit with me and then the rest of the evening included sushi, the HBO Amy Schumer stand up special and of course this cutie:


Sunday: My friend Rob came up for a “sober sunday funday.” He is kind of a celebrity in the vegan world so it started off at Cleveland Vegan where I indulged in a really delicious juice of beets and other vegetables.


After brunch, we took a small hike in the Rocky River Reservation. The leaves were absolutely stunning. We live in a really beautiful city.



After our 30 minute hike we went to see the Steve Jobs movie. I liked it, wasn’t my absolute favorite. Sunday night was spent watching football. 

Bottom Line- Grateful for all my friends, they are so caring to me and keep me happy. I’m a lucky girl.

What’s next in my recovery?

This Friday I have a colonoscopy which I’m really looking forward to (said no one never). But, really, I am. They will be able to get a good look at what is up with my Crohn’s. After that, I will be put on Crohn’s medicine to maintain my disease. Fingers crossed my intestines look somewhat like my face, extremely beautiful.

Love you all,




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