What I Ate Wednesday

Hi Friends! Another Wednesday, another day in recovery. The good news- I’m feeling a lot better. The bad news- I’m still not to 100%. But as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, although how nice would it be to wake up and feel 100% (sort of how I imagine Beyonce does every morning)? While I fantasize about waking up and feeling like Beyonce, read ahead to see what I put in my belly on Wednesday…


1/2 bar

1/2  PB + J Lara Bar


1 egg

1 egg (Guys, doesn’t my egg look like a map of the US? Seriously. I’m an artist)

Sweet Potato Soup

Sweet Potato Soup a la Mama (recipe coming)


cup of gluten free pretzels

Cup of gluten free pretzels (I’m not gluten free but I like the crunch)






Yesterday was my first social outing since getting out of the hospital (hallelujah). I put on my nicest leggings and sweater for dinner at the Butcher and Brewer with a group of my dear CrossFit friends. It was wonderful to feel “normal” again and talk about burpees, boys and the works (as oppose to…a colonoscopy procedure).

What I ordered:





Calamari is a weird choice, right? Don’t ask. Like I said, sometimes I get a craving for something and must jump on it. Beets and Calamari, although sound like a disgusting combo, really hit that sweet spot. Since I’m still eating super small portions, I took most of it to go and will get a couple meals out of it. Go me.

What’s Next?

I miss you….


I’ve been able to walk a little further, I can feel myself getting stronger. Hopefully that means soon I can get back to eating all those fresh fruits and veggies that I crave. Pray for my intestines.




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