Living 2.5 Years Crohn’s Free

A week out of the hospital and feeling BETTER. I’m continuing to improve day after day. I’m able to move a little faster, easier, without as much pain. I’m hesitant to “overdo” it until I get the colonoscopy results and learn how I will control my Crohn’s. BUT, enough of the boring medical shit. As you can see, I haven’t blogged in 2 years…where have I been? Cleveland, OH and loving it. Read away…

My Love Affair with Cleveland:

I moved to Cleveland in January 2014 and haven’t looked back. This big-little city has my heart. Why do I love it so much? (Besides being so close to my old roommates, mom and dad) Cleveland doesn’t try to be any other city and it has so much to offer. Cleveland has beaches, the 2nd largest theater district in America, amazing restaurants, museums, parks, crazy cheap rent (I could go on and on but you get the point).

Cleveland Botanical Gardens

Cleveland Botanical Gardens

I go for the people watching

I go to people watch

She's a beaut at night too

She’s a beaut at night too

My Job:

I work at an Advertising Agency as a Project Manager. I love the work, I love the people. I’m happy there. Drop mic.

My Workout: 

I started getting really into CrossFit last May when I moved downtown. I drank the kool-aid and wanted another gallon and a half. CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program designed to elicit as broad an adaptational response as possible. I have never felt so challenged, empowered and encouraged in any workout program. Here are a couple reasons why I love it:

  • The challenge: both mentally and physically. Who knew I could life 85 pounds over my head? I also have never sweat so much
  • The community: it’s an incredibly supportive, encouraging and fun community. Some of my most favorite people in Cleveland came from the gym. We workout together, we go to dinner together, we drink together. It’s wonderful.
  • The variety: Every single day there is a new workout. My boredom ceases to exist at the gym.
Strongsville Crossfit Competition

Strongsville Crossfit Competition


Team “Bitch Better Have My Burpee” Series

Side note- unfortunately I have to take some time off CrossFit since it’s so intense on the body and my frail body can’t take it right now. In lieu, I’ve been “namaste”ing my way through Cleveland. Yoga, ugh.

My Food:

I have an obsession and it’s called Fresh Fork Market.


Fresh Fork Market is Farm Buying Club — we provide our members with a weekly subscription service to fresh and local foods. We run all year round, with a Summer and a Winter season, and our job is to connect you to Ohio’s bounty, including just-picked-this-morning produce, meat, eggs, dairy, breads, canned goods, pastries, granolas and more. Every week, our members meet one of our refrigerated trucks in their community and pick up their grocery grab-bag filled with local food. All of this comes from 100+ local, small family farms and producers within 75 miles of Cleveland.”

Every week, I get a newsletter that lets me know what will be in my bag for the following week and voila that is what I eat for the week. It’s always a challenge to eat everything in my bag, one that I gladly accept and feel bad when I don’t accomplish. (p.s. going through this Crohn’s flare is like torture for me because I’m “prohibited” from eating vegetables. The Crohn’s gods are so mean.)

My Relationships:

Whatever city I happen to land in (Columbus, Dallas, Cleveland), I always, always, always am fortunate to meet amazing, solid friends. My mom says that it’s because I’m a good friend back, but she has to say that since she’s my mom. Friends through work, the gym, jew things, craigslist (looking at you, Jack).

Jack, from Craigslist

Jack, from Craigslist

And my love life? Meh. Still waiting on my perfect match. I wrote the qualities I’m looking for in “my perfect match” post 2 years ago, they all still hold true. Sometimes, I get stressed about it (thanks, social media) but then I realize I have other things to worry about, like what I’m going to eat for dinner tomorrow.

All in all, my life rules and will continue to rule with or without Crohn’s Disease.

Stay healthy and positive, my friends!




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