The Dreaded Crohn’s Post

It happened. The unthinkable. I had a Crohn’s disease flare that landed me back in the hospital for a handful of days. After approximately 2.5 years of being healthy, medicine free and almost forgetting I have Crohn’s disease, it came back in full force….

For those of you who don’t know my history (struggle) with Crohn’s, here’s a short recap:

  • Diagnosed: March 2008 while in college at OSU
  • First Major Flare: Korea, 2010-11, slipped by with no surgeries
  • First Surgery: July 27, 2012, Read all about it here in my 25 days in the hospital postFeeling Good Today!!!!!!
  • Second Surgery (to repair the first): December 12, 2012, Read all about my second surgery postOne of my doctors and me on my b-day
  • The Unthinkable Flare: October 7, 2015
    First solid food after 5 days!

    First solid food after 5 days!

The Low Down:

Always trust your intuition. Listen to your body. Looking back this past month, I was living in denial. Since September, I have felt “off,” not sick by any means, but my body wasn’t functioning properly (take that as you will). I was blaming it on the numerous vegetables I was consuming on a daily basis. (I fully realize how stupid that sounds now.)

On Tuesday (10/6/15), after my normal 6:30pm Crossfit class, I was NOT okay. The pain was unbearable and I knew something just wasn’t right. That next morning, I called my doctor and made an appt. for 4pm, at 4:15pm, I was being carted in an ambulance (yes, lights and all) to the emergency department.

That next day after being admitted to the Cleveland Clinic, I had an MRI and the results showed my Crohn’s had returned. I was a textbook case. My small intestine was inflammed with disease next to the area where the resection (surgery) took place.

After 4 days in the hospital, I was released on heavy steroids (I won’t even need to go the the gym now because I’m going to be jacked), pain meds and a promise to take it easy over the next week.

How I’m Recovering:

  • Rest! (most important)
  • What I’m watching:
    • United States of Tara
    • Iris-the best documentary I have seen in MONTHS. Takes you into the life of Iris Apfel, a 93 year old fashion icon. download (1)
  • What I’m reading:
  • What I’m eating:
    • Not much, it’s a viscous cycle. I need to eat in order to get back on track but when I do eat, my stomach hurts.
    • What I’m craving: For those of you who went through the last Crohn’s episodes with me, you know how I was obsessed with eating bagels (like a good Jew). Hospital 4This time, I’m craving sushi. Maybe it’s the protein? Who knows, but it taste’s so magically delicious to me. I cannot get enough. 
  • What I’m doing:
    • Coloring, a mindless but fulfilling task. If you want a picture, I’m your girl. A modern van Gogh, they say.FullSizeRender
    • Journaling
    • Being Surrounded by loving and supportive family and friends

What’s Next?

Back on those meds, baby. I have a follow up with my doctor in order to determine the next steps in medication. Since my Crohn’s is back in full force and surgery is the absolute last thing I want, I’ll need to go back on meds that can control the disease.

As you can see, I haven’t blogged in YEARS. I blogged during my last Crohn’s episode(s) because it helped me to write, it was therapeutic and people told me they liked reading it, which made me feel good. So, I’m at it again. You thrilled? I know.

How Do I Feel?

I don’t know how I feel, I can’t wrap my head around “My Crohn’s is Back.” A part of me thought I would go 10 years without any issues (truthfully). A part of me is happy that I went to the hospital when I did as oppose to waiting till it got way worse. Of course, a part of me is completely angry at my body. I feel bad for myself-we’re all entitled to a pity party every once in awhile. Those thoughts of “why me?” permeate through my head. But, enough of that. The truth of the matter is that, this is my body and all I can do is treat it right and hope for the best.



(that’s for you, MO-D)


One response to “The Dreaded Crohn’s Post

  1. Hey Liz, so sorry to hear this 😦 hope you’re back on track soon!!

    I also see a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic! She actually studied under Dr. Pfeil!

    Get some rest and get back on track! Good luck and I’ll be praying for you.


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