Six Sunday Thoughts

1. I’m wearing fake glasses. I know what you’re thinking-I didn’t think she could get more beautiful!

I’ve always wanted glasses, I lied when I was in high school on my eye exam so I could get them, really. Fortunately, my eyes are perfect, really, they are. I’m convinced that they’re so big that I can see more than the normal person. But, these glasses make me feel smarter and basically help me get shit done.

While these may be completely unnecessary, so are nipple rings.


2.  I have been enjoying beer lately. This is so weird because I usually hate beer, it makes me feel extremely full and obese and it just doesn’t (usually) taste good to me. Maybe it’s because the beer is $1.50 at my favorite bar, maybe my taste buds are changing or seem to be correlating with my pay check? But, god I hope this is a phase.

pbr3. My cat and I have a love affair. Cats have never been my “thing.” They kind of scare me, HA, I’m a scaredy cat!

No, but really-their just too weird, their movements, everything about them.

But, my cat is different. After being home for months now, she loves to lie on me, she always comes in the room when I’m there. Basically, we’re in love and I don’t think she’s very weird anymore. My conclusion: Everyone should have a pet to cuddle with.

laylaAlthough, she really interferes with me getting my work done:

4. I need/want a vacation. Who wants to go? I’ll go {almost} anywhere…

5. I saw a double rainbow last week. I don’t know if you can tell. But, it’s there, I promise. I kind of had that warm feeling when I saw that, I locked eyes with a woman in the car next to me and we both smiled-it was because the double rainbow! It kind of felt awesome.


6. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving. I can’t wait for all my friends to be here and there to be so much love.

HAVE A GOOD WEEK Y’ALL!!! (even if I don’t live in TX, I can still talk like I do)




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