Six Sunday Thoughts

1.  On Wednesday, I spent a good 4 hours trying to hook up a Blu-ray player to the TV to be able to stream Netflix. The wireless wasn’t connecting and it was DRIVING. ME. CRAZY. Literally, I didn’t talk to anyone but the Samsung and AT&T customer service people for those 4 hours. But, I FINALLY got it to work, hello Breaking Bad, Goodbye social life.

breaking bad2. I went to Ohio State this weekend. I haven’t seen my college friends in awhile, so it was so fun to all be together!


Mirror Lake circa 2009

jules, molly and catie

jules, molly and catie circa friday

3. I don’t know if you know this about me, but I listen to NPR’s Morning Edition every morning. I love it, I feel so informed. Who wants to talk news? I love this article by Buzzfeed, see all those faces you’ve been hearing for years.


4. On Tuesday, I had a client event at the restaurant DBA in Akron.  Dante Boccuzzi did a cooking demonstration for a small private party-it was SO.COOL. Dante has worked all over the world London, Rome, France, New York, San Fran and now Akron? He even earned a Michelin star when he was in NY-that’s like winning a gold medal in the olympics for chefs.


Dante prepping


homeade cavatelli pasta


smoked arctic char salad

5. You all remember my good friend Ben, right? Well, his cousins just moved to Akron to be shlichim for the community. They just got married in May (Eran, the boy is actually first cousins with Ben) and they are amazing! I can’t wait to get to know them better! It is a pretty crazy coincidence that they are cousins with Ben and they got placed in Akron!


6. I haven’t gone shopping in way too long. This needs to change.




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