Food Diaries: Tuesday

Yesterday I flew back to Dallas, I have mixed emotions to say the least. I’m happy to be feeling better and to get on a normal schedule but it’s also sad to say bye to my parents (I feel so far away) after spending so much time with them.

I love Southwest but can anyone tell me why you are allowed to have 2 free 50 pound bags but you can have 1 bag over 50? I just don’t understand. Here is the result of thinking 1 bag could be over 50 pounds:

As far as my health, I have lots of doctor appointments and an MRI this week that should give me a good indication on how my Crohn’s is doing. Fingers crossed.

Disclaimer: Being in the airport really puts a damper on my eating, you’ll see…

8:00, Breakfast:

1 banana and a planet kingdom carob raisin hemp bar

11:00am, Snack

Sourdough Pretzels

2:00pm, Another snack/lunch?

Graham Crackers

7:00pm, Dinner

Sushi & a cookie {not pictured}

9:30pm, Treat

Decaf Cap



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