Airports & My Take on the People that Inhabit Them

Airports-they can be the most exciting place in the world and the saddest. Do you remember the opening and ending of Love Actually-how wonderful it is?

There’s a reason why they don’t show the other end-leaving, it’s so sad! Yesterday (Wednesday) I flew home after a week in Akron filled with hugs, family, food, relaxation and fun. It was sad to leave the cool weather, my family and my big screen TV-but life must go back to normal and thus to Dallas I flew.

I do LOVE going to airports, I always bring so much stuff to read but end up people watching the whole time instead. It’s so fascinating to me and you know what I realize every time, people are just so weird and wonderful.

Here is my take on some people that fly:

The Professional Flyer: I love these people, they know how to do it. They pack light, they never make small talk, and they’re fast. High five for them. And they always look nice.

The Cruisers: These people are donned with full rhinestoned and Hawaiian shirts. These people are on their way to Cape Canaveral for a 7 day binger on the Voyager of the Seas and I secretly envy them. “Take me with you” I secretly whisper as they walk away for the Orlando gate.

The Family: They are cute, adorable, but they have so many things with them. There are strollers, baby bags, actual babies, etc.-even though one day I will be them, not today and I am thankful for that. I’m not ready to get evil eyes when my baby cries.

Here are some funny things that happened to me yesterday:

  • I fly Southwest, It’s the best if not for the fact that bags fly free. I think this makes traveling so much easier, there’s no war over overhead cabins, there’s just peace and lots of middle seats open. Anyway, my favorite seat on the plane is toward the front and on the aisle (I do like window, but I drink a lot of water and don’t like to inconvenience people) I lucked out and struck A36 and was seated in the front of the plane next to a small woman and her husband. Before the plane even took off the woman had powered down her phone, but not before she shopped for Michael Kors watches on (I’m sorry, I can be nosy at times, I’m my father’s child, I just like to know what’s going on) but after she powered her phone off and before we were in the sky, she was passed out. Her head started drifting a little to the left, right towards my face. Her mouth was open and it took everything in me not to stick something in there (I was thinking a peanut packet, or my finger, but her husband was awake so I couldn’t). But, the whole time she was laying there I was SO uncomfortable, and grossed out, she was just way too close for comfort.  I was so worried she would drool on my shoulder, I couldn’t even concentrate on my book thinking I was going to have to change in the bathroom after the flight and burn my shirt from stranger drool. Finally, she got up and so did her head and rested it on her husband’s shoulder (sidenote-she had famous caramel and cheese popcorn from the Chicago airport and I wanted it so bad, it was torture). So woman who is the proud owner of a Michael Kors watch, thanks for not drooling on me!
  • As I was waiting for my ride from the airport in Dallas, I started people watching (of course) and I caught eyes with a musician. How did I know he was a musician? He looked like one. He looked exactly like this:

with a guitar and some technical equipement in tow. My brain works in funny ways and in around 2 minutes I had come up with the most bizarre story in my head which I will share with you in about a sentence: the boy starts talking to me, he realizes he loves me, he invites me to his show and I go backstage and we fall in love. Back to real life, I look over to him again and he smiles at me, and that’s when I see it, he has a huge cross on his forearm and thats when I know, it would never work. (I’m Jewish)

I realize that my blog is supposed to be all about eating good food and feeling well! Considering that I am being forced to eat unhealthy (kinda, no fiber (this means no wheat, no raw vegetables, etc))  what I have been eating is pretty unexciting and therefore is not worth writing for the time being.With that being said, I think of all these random, very humanistic thoughts, and therefore will share them with you! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.




One response to “Airports & My Take on the People that Inhabit Them

  1. My favorites to try not to watch in airports are the men who dress for the gym, forgetting they are going to the airport! Please, your high school gym shorts, a foot above the knee, went out of style for exercise in 1990, and were never meant for airports. Thank you.

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